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If you are thinking about making a few home improvements and have no idea where to even begin, then take a look at the Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom Directory on Findtheneedle. By having a wide selection of companies on the free directory, you will be able to find that kitchen design company you were looking for, or even that wash basin you didn’t realise you needed. All our listings have years of experience and are passionate are what they do as well as trying to offer something a little different, so you will never feel short changed. Our Directory is so easy to use, and you will find things that you weren’t thinking that you needed. You will be able to see a range of kitchen lighting, interior designers, flooring companies and bathroom specialists so you won’t need to look anywhere else. Our product page has a great selection of unique ideas such as bespoke bath panels and heated mirrors.

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So you have taken the big step and decided to upgrade your home, but now you have the chance to add in new furniture and personal touches, all found on our Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom Directory. We have a range of mirrors, such as light up and heated, or range of alternatives to flooring and tiles as well as a range of door knockers. We also have listings that deal with kitchen worktops and fireplaces, and bathroom installation, accessories and fixings. All listings have years of experience so you are in safe hands when it comes to any of our listings so they will bring you top quality and the best value. It is not just the home that may need some new furniture, if your business is in the leisure industry, then you can find a selection of new changing room seating and benches, or upgrade your school vanity units or toilet cubicles then we also have a selection of products just for you.


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