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Take a look at Findtheneedle’s UK Industrial Equipment Hire listings for other businesses that deal with equipment and tool hire in the industrial sector. Our free, online, easy to use directory has a range of top companies and suppliers across the UK that offer a range of options for your company, whether it is construction equipment hire, support, installation or surface preparation. Each listing has a detailed description about the business, contact details and a selection of their products that you can browse. We understand that each and every project you undertake has specific requirements no matter what sector it is in, so we only list reliable and trustworthy companies. A selection of services that we list include concrete and material handling equipment, forklift and crane rentals, test equipment, plant machinery and even a selection of used machinery. Check out our latest news page for a range of services that some of our listings can offer you.

UK Tool Hire


It is not just industrial equipment hire that Findtheneedle can offer you on our UK Industrial Equipment Hire Directory, we also have a selection of a range of tool hire from companies based around the UK. All our listings has plenty of experience in their area, so you should not feel weary when looking at what they can offer you. All our supplies offer short or long term hire, with access to support and advice if you ever needed help. Getting the right tool is crucial for the job, so by having a list of reliable supplier’s means you won’t need to go anywhere ever again. We supply listings that include, sheet metal working machinery, skip hire, trade standard tools and wood chippers for a range of areas such as scaffolding, so that you will be able to find what you are looking for at a click of a button. Lastly, our product section has an easy to use list of all the latest products that our listings offer.


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