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Holmach Ltd was founded in 1974 as Peter Holland Food Machinery for the provision of processing solutions – mainly in thermal and vegetable processing. In the last ten years, Holmach has specialised to become the leading provider of thermal processing solutions in Great Britain under the leadership of Chris and Niki Holland. The company focuses on seeking out the most innovative and efficient food processing technology on the international market to provide the best possible solutions to the UK food and pharmaceuticals industries. From installing retorts at Griffith Labs for marinade production to a scraped surface heat exchanger for Naturediet pet food, Holmach’s experience in thermal processing covers baby food, ready meals, condiments, nut sterilising and more. New developments for the company include becoming the new agent for Roboqbo of Italy, who produce cook-cool vessels, with innovative UK installations expanding shelf life in the chilled cabinet for dips and sauces. Holmach specialises in the science of pasteurisation and sterilisation of both wet and dry foodstuffs, and its largest recent success has been the installation of a complete robotized retorting plant for pet food. As well as consultancy and sales of machinery, the team at Holmach Ltd offer customer support based at the offices near Stamford, Lincolnshire.
Holmach Ltd

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