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Roboqbo Cut/Cook/Cool Vessels
Innovative technology from Roboqbo of Bologna Italy that allows the preparation of small to medium sized batches of speciality foods of ultra-high quality. This is technology that is designed for the industrialisation of artisan food preparation. Ideal for products in the ready-to- eat foods, ethnic and bakery markets, the Roboqbo offer vessels from 15 to 500 litres with outputs from 30 to 1000 kgs per hour. Capable of cutting, chopping, mixing, homogenising, refining and reducing in one vessel, the Qbo line is pressure and vacuum fitted as standard. The bowl of the vessel is steam jacketed, with optional direct steam injection, and can be emptied easily using a standard valve or through tilting. In addition, all machines are equipped with touch screen control with recipe management and memory system. From fruit jams to chicken soup and nut butters, the Qbo machine provides versatile processing technology and is highly efficient. Thanks to the system's deisgn and operating speeds, as it is capable of a maximum blade speed of 3,000rpm, the organoleptic values and natural colours of raw ingredients are enhanced in the final product. Some typical process times include 2 minutes for mayonnaise, 12 minutes for tomato sauces, and 15 minutes for prawn risotto. Machines are available for testing and lease, as well as outright sale.

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