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Revtech Sterilising, Roasting and Toasting
Revtech’s patented Joule effect process revolutionises the de-contamination, sterilising, toasting and roasting of herbs, spices, seeds, nuts, flour and cereals. Recently awarded approval from the Californian Almond Board for a validated 7 log reduction in microbial populations, Revtech's patented technology has seen a lot of interest from UK and Irish clients with reference sites worldwide. Designed as a continuous process for throughputs from 150 to 10,000 kgs per hour, the product is preheated without steam – to avoid stripping the product of volatile oils and aromas, and then uses a small amount of steam in contra flow to the product, to achieve the log reductions on spore and microbial contamination. The basis of the system is a spirally wound stainless tube that is heated by low voltage but high amperage electricity, which can easily regulated and adjusted to vary processing temperatures. The tube uses plug flow vibration to delicately transport the product through the tube. In order to achieve long term hygienic results, the product must be cooled and the final moisture level controlled to eliminate mould growth that cause aflatoxin contamination, this is done using either another spiral with ambient or refrigerated air or fluid bed coolers. With the tube temperatures adjustable between 50 and 500°C, toasting or roasting either with or without steam sterilising is easy. Typical products have included sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, green herbs and spices such as turmeric, pink pepper and cumin. Another application has been the treatment of roots and bark for herbal and alternative medicines.

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