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Cook Cool Vessels Specialist Suppliers
Cook-Cool vessels can be used for a wide variety of applications, perfectly meeting the needs of companies working in the chilled and frozen food sectors. From cooling mashed potato to condiments, using a cook-cool vessel avoids handling of the product and reduces duty for a blast chill machine, making it a very hygienic option that is more efficient, with gentle product treatment and less manual handling.Terlet of the Netherlands provides cook-cool vessles in all sizes, from designing entire factory lines to providing a single piece to support existing machines. Terlet has focused the development of its product offering on creating a "perfect batch" system with the Culimaster. As the optimal preparation unit for condiments and sauces, the Culimaster uses the bottom driven agitator design typical of Terlet for hygienic and efficient mixing, with high shear for stable emulsions. Terlet also equip the Culimaster with a standard positive pump, to ensure a constant flow and retention time in the homogenizer throughout the preparatyion process. This machine is the keystone piece of equipment for continuous inline cooking and cooling lines with large throughputs. Terlet also offers the option of designing aseptic process systems with the addition of the Terlotherm, Terlet's scraped surface heat exchanger. As Terlet's premium machine, the Terlotherm can be added into an existing process line on an external loop, and is installed in over 450 food facilities worldwide, processing applications including molasses, lotions, toothpaste, and whole fruit yoghurts.

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