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Terlet Cooking and Cooling Systems
Terlet is an established international manufacturer of scraped surface heat exchangers, cooking and cooling vessels offering complete turnkey product preparation facilities. Founded in 1917, Terlet are now part of ProXES Group since 2015. Terlet can manufacture horizontal or vertical vessels from 50 to 50,000 litres, for cooking or cooling, for buffering or bulk product supply. A large range of low and high shear mixing solutions are offered with in-vessel or inline homogenisation and emulsification, scraped surface, anchor or auger agitation. The Terlothermâ„¢ is a market leading scraped surface heat exchanger aimed at particulate or viscous products such as fruit and vegetable slurries, sauces, soups confectionary and bakery ingredients. Offering three clear advantages over competing brands, the Terlotherm incoporates only one mechanical seal and one motor & gearbox, allowing access for inspection without disturbing the seal and eliminating any risk of oil contamination. These features allow for easy and cost-effective maintenance as well as leaving only a small factory footprint. Outstanding heating or cooling performance comes as standard, with double the heated surface area of other models thanks to its heated inner core. For other applications, Terlet also provides vacuuming and gassing systems for powders and the Van Meurs bag-in-box unit for aseptic and clean fill products.

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