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WEM 4 Web Enabled Data Logger (WEPM)
New from Setsquare Energy Solutions, a four-channel Data Logger that sends data via the internet and is capable of storing energy data received. WEM 4 is a major step forward in applying the Internet to Data Loggers... Use with meters for electricity, gas, water, steam or oil. Monitor status remotely - log runtime, verify on/off times. Pick up alarms remotely - trigger from any on/off signal. Low cost option to add digital points to your existing control system. Features Use any Internet browser to get instant access to the advanced features of WEM 4 through its built in web server. Data from the WEM 4 comes alive in the companion software tools @desktop or EnergyTracking. If you prefer to use your own data viewers, WEM 4 data is easily accessed using common off-the-shelf applications. WEM 4 has been designed to work over any Internet connection. With wireless Internet connections you can place it anywhere in your facility. Network restrictions, that all to often limit Internet devices, are easily overcome using the "email client" built into the logger. In its simplest configuration WEM 4 can create its own connection through the Internet Details 4 Channel - max 100Hz dry-contact pulse inputs, wireless remote pulsed inputs. 128kB flash memory storage. 50 days storage capability. 10/100 BaseT ethernet connectivity. DHCP for plug-n-play or fixed TCP/IP operation. Web server for setup and testing with authentication. User scheduled email reporting. Email with CC: option. FTP server with file system. FTP client to update an FTP server with pulse data file. DNS. UDP transmission of device operations for field install and debugging. Firmware upgradeable via FTP. SNTP time server synchronisation on boot up and periodic. Setup of network parameters such as email, ftp via setup file on FTP. Threshold alarms. Pulse data viewable on web server.

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