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Control2Net Silver Software Solution
Control2Net Silver This powerful web application is constantly under development as our customers request new features and enhancements. Its modular design maximizes flexibility, where modules loaded is controlled by the user log-in. The software is based on Microsoft™ cutting edge Silverlight web technology, combined with the world's fastest database & time-series engine provided by IBM™ Informix. This selection of platform enables Desktop like experience and speed. No matter how much data is pumped into the time-series engine (energy-, temperature-logs, etc.), the performance will always be the same, totally independent of the amount of data stored. This plus the support for the RHINO Power Line Carrier technology, distincs our solution from our competitors. Control2Net currently includes 19 base modules, plus one specialized module. More modules will be added as needed and/or by customer request. For detailed information about each module and overall software structure, please refer to our Online Documentation. Although the modules are independent, those communicate with each other giving a nice synchronization between different modules. Key Features:Desktop user experience. No post-backs or wait time for web pages loading.Can run outside the browser.All web browsers supported that allow Microsoft Silverlight plug-in including IE, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, etc.Different languages are automatically supported by Google Translate on the fly when needed. Auto-translated texts can be refined and saved in the database.Powerful Alarming System.Advanced reporting and report-design, including statistics reports like CUSUM, etc.Data normalization configuration, like normalizing consumption with outside temperature or units produced.Scheduled reports can be sent automatically by email, every day, week, etc.Time-series Management, including setup of calculated time series.Tariff definitions encapsulating the most complex tariffs.Device action management and advanced Scheduler to schedule actions against devices, etc.Geographic Mapping of devices etc. visualizing alarm-status, quick-reports, etc.Pivot-enabled Image management to enrich all the system with images (buildings, devices, etc.)Commenting and "Rich Reports".Full PLC RHINO support. Key Benefits:No software installation needed.Very cost effective, no IT management needed as RN takes care of that for you.Windows 8 ready, straight path to Windows 8 Metro Application.Direct Windows Phone support for mobile phones (Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc.)Easily extendible for each client needs.

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