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Unicorn Systems Remote Metering
About Unicorn Systems With over 30 years experience in the secondary metering and control industry, Unicorn Systems has designed and developed an affordable and reliable AMR and Control System specially for the marina and caravan parks industries that integrates advanced, proven AMR and Control technologies to capture, analyze, and apply utility data and constraints to meet the demands of today – and tomorrow. About AMR and Control A Unicorn AMR (Automated Meter Reading) and Control System is designed to remotely read gas, water and electricity meters and control who has access to the utility and place constraints upon utility usage such as limiting how much can be used, plus prevent unauthorised use and theft of utilities. Benefits of AMR and Control Unicorn AMR and Control Systems offer both utility suppliers and their customer's key tangible benefits. Benefits of AMR and Control include: Reduced meter reading costs Ability to access difficult-to-read meters Improved customer service Reduced percentage of estimated bills Improved meter reader safety Implementation of real-time pricing Reduced read-to-bill time Distribution automation Improved fraud detection Secure utility supply preventing theft Affordable and reliable Why AMR and Control AMR and Control is more than just reading your meter remotely. An AMR and Control system provides many other direct and indirect benefits that help the utility supplier and their customers, not the least of which is costs savings. As energy prices have risen sharply in the past few months, keeping our costs down for our customers has become even more important. The ability to monitor, control, limit and restrict access to utilities in addition to RoHS and WEEE compliance, means Unicorn Systems is proud of its environmentally green credentials and can help you go green.

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