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Control2Net Profiler
Control2Net Profiler Although Control2Net Silver includes powerful reporting, it is not always the power a user needs. More often it is the simplicity he require. This is specially true for users that are not using the system every day, and novice users. After listening to customers needs RN implemented Control2net Profiler. It is extremely easy to use without sacrificing to much functionality. Key Features:Reports shown in graphics as well as tabular data.Different languages are automatically supported by Google Translate on the fly when needed. Auto-translated texts can be refined and saved in the database.Easy information aggregation (hour, day, week, month, year, etc.)Report drill-down to details.Information viewable as cost, if connected to tariffs.Includes all most common Energy Management and Targeting reports, like Consumption, ET-curves, CUSUM, Ranking, etc.Specialized reports as pop-ups.Simple to export report results, to Excel. PDF, etc. Key Benefits:Simplicity, easy to use even for the least skilled users.Only a web browser is needed at client side.Visualizes data as information in a very powerful and easy to understand way.Visualizes data from different angles, with or without normalization. The Control2net Internet-based tool automatically collects and manages valuable energy data and then translates the data into useful and actionable insights for the customer. EnergyTracking users gain control over their energy costs via a variety of interactive and automated analysis tools that are delivered via a convenient and easy to use web browser such as Internet Explorer. Control2Net manages large volumes of historic data from many meters or loggers. It presents current data up to the last hour as well as historical data in both tabular and graphical form. Control2Net is equipped with a powerful set of automatic reporting and alarms that push information to users, reducing the frequency of visits to the website. Features Extensive, comprehensive resource for usage data, billing data and load curtailment management. Provides internal data by month, day, hour or by raw interval in an intuitive, easy to read manner. Customer may do comparative study on various periods on usage data and against pre-defined benchmarks. Provides bill or statement in .PDF file. Generate downloadable files in Excel of other desired formats. Reports on Monthly Usage Data. Auto generated reports and alarm notification sent in form of email, fax or pager.

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