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Internet Enabled Electric Meter
The WEMM is an Internet enabled, broadband ready solid state electric meter that focuses on residential, commercial and industrial markets. Its design facilitates world-wide deployment for applications that require accurate measurement and delivery of real time metered data. It can be deployed as a primary meter, submeter or used for other electric metering applications such as sensing of power failure and automatic reporting. The WEMM electric meter was designed to fullfill core end user requirements such as low cost, high accuracy, minimum cost of communications as well as real time data access and reporting. The WEMM combines elements of simplicity, is highly functional and reduces overall ownership costs. Since most facilities already have an existing network, the cost of communication is virtually nil. The WEMM can be used as a Demand Electric Meter, Time-Of-Use (TOU) Meter or TOU with Load profile Meter - providing the right functionality for Sub-metering, Energy Management and other metering applications such as Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). Also, it boasts a wide variety of features like XML data encapsulation and broadband connectivity enabling it to transmit data via email, ftp and http. The supporting software application @DeskTop enables an end-to-end solution from measurement to acquisition to energy management. Standard features include: kW, kWh, kVArh, voltage, current, power factor, VA, frequency. kWh & kVArh (Delivered, Received, Sum, Net - Instantaneous). Default Load Profile 4 Channels: kWh & kVArh (delivered and received). User configurable demand reset date and load profile logging interval. Internet connectivity via Dynamically assigned IP addresses or fixed IP addresses. eMail notification w/ cc: option, FTP Data Transfer, HTTP Web Server. FTP client - To send load profile, demand and consumption summary details. SNTP for time synchronization. Open Protocols XML, HTTP, SMTP, SNTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS. Log-in to web server is authenticated. Data encapsulation format - XML. User programmable Alpha-numeric Meter ID and Meter Serial number. User programmable Demand (kW) Threshold. Meter sends email when exceeded. User programmable email/ftp Daily Reporting of current summary consumption and previous months data. User programmable email/ftp Reporting of Load Profile data at end of interval or at fixed intervals. Extended features include: Li-ion battery backup. 2-Channels for external Load Control. 2-Channels for Watts and VArs pulse output. Energy Tracking's WEMM Internet Enabled Solid State ANSI C12.20 Meter and its leading edge application @Desktop can be applied to suite your specific needs. For pulse metering applications, the Web enabled pulse logger will meet your needs and works with the Energy@DeskTop application as well. Contact us for a trial. Value Proposition: Energy Management: Get Energy Information Right at Your Desktop. Access Interval Energy Data, Consumption, Demand and more... The @Desktop shows the information in a chart and spreadsheet format, stores load profile and usage data and more. SubMetering: Submeter tenant space, production / manufacturing energy usage. Eliminate modems: The WEMM electric meter is able to send data over the internet using file transfer protocol (FTP), email (SMTP) or via TCP/IP. Lower your metering costs by using the existing Internet connection or Local Area Network, avoiding PSTN based networks, maintenance of telephone lines and eliminate costs for dedicated phone lines. Load Curtailment Projects: The WEMM is an ideal product for Emergency Demand Reduction Programs. Contact us to show how this type of technology can and has been used. AMR (Automatic Meter Reading): Automate and get fast accurate data over the Internet. The data is sent over the internet via TCP / IP, FTP and SMTP (email).

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