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@DESKTOP Virtual Chart Recorder
@DESKTOP is an information application that communicates with all WEPM Internet loggers and WEMM meters in real time. It is a virtual chart recorder that will poll WEPM loggers and WEMM meters and display values and write date to file. @DESKTOP is uniquely customised: charts, grids, names, colours can all be changed to suit a users need. @DESKTOP is a breakthrough application that helps energy users respond rapidly to changing operational requirements and market movements. Features Collects data from WEPM loggers in real time over IP. Displays instantaneous values. Displays current meter status and flash alarm messages in event of problems. Displays current and month to date billing values. Displays load profile data of past 24 hours as a table or graph. Write values into local database. Tariff entry screen. Estimate energy costs using tariff engine.

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