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Control2Net Software Solution
Control2Net Rational Network supply it's end customers with a powerful and affordable software solution to manage distributed devices, like energy meters, street lights, pump controllers, etc. It also includes powerful reporting. The solution is web based, hosted by Rational Network, minimizing cost and skill needed to run and use the system. The end customer only pays a low yearly fee for each attached device (channel). No software installation is needed by the end customer. A web browser and Internet connection is all he needs. Currently Control2Net contains 3 main parts discussed in more details below:Control2Net Silver. The flagship for managing your distributed device network, but also for advanced reporting, alarming and accounting.Control2Net Profiler. Simple to use reporting system to visualize the collected data (e.g. energy consumption), as easy to understand information by graphs and numbers.RHINO Field Test Tool. The only specialized tool to configure and debug PLC-based RHINO network.

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