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PlastikCity is a website dedicated to providing a modern, efficient way of sourcing products and services for the UK plastics industry.


PlastikCity links serious buyers to the best suppliers in the UK plastics industry


The process is simple. The customer selects the product they require, chooses which suppliers they would like a quote from, and then inserts their requirements. Customers have the ability to check out suppliers by reading their profiles and verified testimonials. The quotation requests are processed by the potential suppliers and, unless instructed otherwise, may only make contact by email.


The business provides processors with the best UK suppliers of plastic-related products and services, all on one dedicated website. The site presently covers everything from new and used machinery, ancillaries, materials, moulds, service providers, moulders, robots, jobs, and much more, providing the processor with tailored quotes without the need for lengthy meetings with numerous companies.


The site will continue to grow steadily until all key products and services are covered. We have now become the main ‘hub’ for the UK’s plastics sector, allowing suppliers and customers to trade more efficiently, purchasing everything from state-of-the-art equipment to consumables, as well as highlighting the abilities and strengths of both product suppliers and service providers.


Our sister company, PlastikMedia is a highly experienced team with over 50 years experience operating in the UK plastic manufacturing market and over 10 years in digital marketing services. PlastikMedia brings you the latest plastics news, as well as fresh industry and marketing blogs.


We keep you updated with what's going on in the plastics market through daily social media posts and weekly email newsletters. PlastikMedia also offers digital marketing services for the plastics industry and are experts in the plastic manufacturing sector.

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