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The 7 Best Injection Moulding MES Software Suppliers in UK & Ireland 2023

MES or Manufacturing Execution Systems are computerised systems used in manufacturing to monitor and document the conversion of raw materials to finished goods. The purpose of an MES is to gain insights into manufacturing operations and analyse how to improve performance, reduce costs and improve production efficiencies.

MES systems are connected directly to machinery on the shop floor and manage the production process in real-time.  MES often integrates with an ERP system. ERP systems manage operational activities such as scheduling, order handling, inventory and customer service.

Some companies offer MES systems specifically designed for plastic processors and injection moulding factories. Below we list the UK & Ireland’s top seven suppliers of MES to the plastics processing sector.

The top seven ratings are the view of the team at the leading plastic industry resource, PlastikCity. All companies have been verified as follows:

  • Supply premium-quality equipment
  • Established a minimum of two years
  • Provide UK based, reputable service support
  • Financially sound

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In alphabetical order:



Arburg’s modular production management tool sets standards in the area of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for injection moulding production. The ARBURG host computer system (ALS) enables you to plan and control all of your production. This results in high product quality and short downtimes.

ALS is tailored to your needs and can grow as your production grows. Potential improvements can be easily identified, allowing you to carry out targeted production optimisation. You are able to obtain key data regarding ongoing orders, shifts and production quality at any time. Because the reliable data generated enables you to maximise capacity utilisation, you achieve high delivery reliability.


Intouch Monitoring


Intouch is a real-time production monitoring, reporting and planning system. Connected directly to all of your machines, Intouch greatly enhances visibility and control in your manufacturing operation by monitoring production in real-time and delivering live, up to date information to any part of your factory.

Designed for Windows, the Intouch production monitoring system will optimise machine utilisation, improve efficiency and productivity, reduce downtime, expensive scrap and costs.




Matics specialises in digitalising manufacturing processes and enhancing the way manufacturers aggregate, analyse and act on data from their shop-floor. The Matics solution was originally designed to meet the complex needs of the plastic industry, however soon evolved to provide advanced digitalisation solutions to manufacturers across all industries including food and beverage, automotive, packaging, textile and more.


Plastech Solutions


Plastech Solutions represent bfa’s modular MES systems. Pi-Inject is the solution specifically designed for injection moulding companies. In addition to collecting and displaying basic data (production monitoring), this system helps to maintain the quality and traceability of goods produced.

Any injection moulding machine can be monitored. This is possible either by implementing a simple logic with an integrated controller and manual classification (DigiBox) or by connecting a modern interface such as Euromap 15/63/77, OPC, OPC/UA, Arburg VE 437/xx, etc.

Pi-Assembly is the solution in the area of automation and special-purpose machinery. The system allows for the monitoring not only of the individual plants in numerous locations but also of various production lines within a single production plant. At the same time, it allows for the gradual expansion into a full MES with job management and ERP connectivity and quality management.


West Yorks & Nottinghamshire

From injection moulding and extrusion to compounding and thermoforming, IQMS’ plastics-specific manufacturing software helps you effectively and efficiently manage industry-specific challenges such as family tooling; multi-level and multi-process BOMs; multiple UOM conversions; regrind usage and consumption; recipes and blends; and cavitation.

With IQMS you get a single environment for all your ERP, manufacturing, MES and supply chain requirements. All elements in your manufacturing operation are updated instantly throughout the entire system in real-time. As one, comprehensive and unified ERP & production monitoring system, IQMS eliminates the need for multiple, disparate systems and the associated costs of integration, support and maintenance.



Giving you a Smart Manufacturing Platform…

A single, cloud-based, AI-powered platform that allows you to rapidly connect, manage and analyse machines, labour and processes using ThingTrax’s wireless plug-and-play devices and sensors. It begins with Connected Machines. ThingTrax’s devices, based on Zigbee, give you the ability to monitor machine performance and productivity in real time.

Capture data from across your facilities (no matter where they are), enable predictive maintenance, analyse energy usage and increase overall efficiency through smart job planning.



TEMI+ is the MES able to connect other brands machinery, older moulding machines and also the new WITTMANN WorkCells based on the WITTMANN 4.0 router for the collection of data, including auxillaries production information. Specifically designed for the injection moulding processor, TEMI+ and TEMI one, the on-board solution for a single IMM has been developed to communicate with languages used by other manufacturers too. Euromap, OPC-UA, Profibus, Profinet and Modbus. ERP connect enables the TEMI+ to seamlessly integrate with customers existing ERP systems. Easy access to the system enables customers to monitor their operations remotely using today’s latest smartphones and laptops.

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