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Top 3 Mould Flow Analysis Companies in the UK & Ireland 2023

Mould Flow Analysis simulates how a particular plastic material will flow in a mould and enable the user to identify where injection moulding defects are likely to occur. This way, moulding issues can be eliminated before toolmakers have started to cut steel.

The software enables mould designers to understand how the mould will fill and advise on the optimal position of gates to anticipate areas difficult to fill and where weld lines will appear. The simulation can also help estimate cycle times and machine tonnage providing valuable part costing information.

Running a mould flow analysis is expensive, but it saves companies a lot of money by reducing time and costs further down the project.

The top four ratings are the view of the team at leading plastic industry resource, PlastikCity. All companies have been verified as follows:

  • Supply premium-quality equipment or services
  • Established a minimum of two years
  • Provide UK based, reputable service support
  • Financially sound

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In alphabetical order:

Imtech Design


Moldflow Simulation for injection moulding. Imtech’s unique “Moldflow 24” service is aimed at helping their customers determine the answers to basic questions in 24 hours or less.

Their Moldflow Simulation includes part filling, mould cooling, part warpage, gas injection and fibre orientation. Their new iMoulder app has just been released. It can be downloaded here:



West Yorkshire

Plazology provides front to back moulding simulation from product development through to mould tool manufacture and moulding validation. The team are available for root cause analysis of problematic components. An in-house moulding machine bridges the gap between simulation and actual results.

Their services include Mould Simulation using Moldex3D, DFM Studies, Moulding and Validation Services, Project Management & Consulting, CMM Validation of Parts and Process Engineering.

Verus Metrology Partners

Nottinghamshire & Sligo (IE)

Verus Metrology is a world-leading provider of turnkey metrology solutions specialising in complex plastic component geometries. Utilising their bespoke metrology fixtures and their in-house measurement expertise, they serve various industries such as Medical Device Pharma & FMCG. Verus provides a full range of Expert Certified Autodesk Moldflow Insight Analysis Reports for their clients.

Other services they offer include Reverse Engineering, Bespoke Metrology Inspection Fixtures for CMM and Vision Systems, Tool Validation Metrology, Multi-Cavity Mould Inspection and Cavity Verification/CAD to Part Deviation.

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