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Customer Relocation

JTS have recently worked with a great customer who needed help to resolve a dilemma. 


They were in the process of relocating to a fantastic new facility but their current chamber was just not up to being moved again and the existing cooling plant was extremely dated and inefficient. The project had lost valuable time in the pre-planning stage and delivery was getting critical, so the customer needed to find someone that would be able to design, build and install the chamber in a tight time frame.


The chamber specification was for a walk in room with a footprint of approx. 3m x 4.5m, which can be programmed to cycle temperature between -20°C and +60°C with an average rate of change of 0.2°C/min.


The customer tests multiple Process Gas Chromatographs at any one time, so the inside of the chamber was fully fitted out with electrical sockets to power up the test items. An enhanced safety system with fresh air purge was incorporated in the design due to the nature of the chromatographs and the gases fed through them.


The new refrigeration system was located external to the main building, which resulted in a pipe run of approx. 50m between the plant and the chamber. JTS selected a 6hp Bitzer Ecostar unit for the cooling system, which along with its key features of good efficiency and low noise levels, also incorporates a weather proof housing, giving a smart modern look to the plant area.


For those who follow us on linkedin  ( ) you would have seen that the site installation and commissioning took place over a full week. The project completed within the customers relocation time line and this relieved customer has since fed back their appreciation of the finished chamber, it performance and the professional processes JTS employed to resolve their dilemma. 



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