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Complex Installations

One of the exciting things about the work we do at JTS is the fact that no two projects are the same. 


Customer needs can be varied and sometimes the solution seems impossible, but most are issues that can be resolved, especially if JTS are invited into discussions at the early stages of a project.

We have worked through an extensive list of site complications over the course of supplying chambers all over the UK – few are new to us.


The photos shown here were from a project that involved installing a walk-in room on the first floor of the customer's building, but the plant unit needed positioning on the roof of the building.


Obviously, that element of the job was outside JTS's areas of expertise, but we found a lifting specialist in the area that meant we were able to meet all the build requirements without any issues and delays to the project timeline. 


If your project has a complex hurdle to overcome, don’t write it off as not possible, give us a call and discuss what the issues are. If we don’t have the specialist knowledge in-house, we have a wealth of technical contacts we can call on for help and advice – together we can make projects possible.



For more information on Complex Installations talk to JTS Ltd (James Technical Services Ltd)

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