Maurice Wohl Institute

Maurice Wohl Institute

Kings College Hospital will shortly be opening a brand new, leading research facility focusing on developing treatments for neurological and psychiatric illnesses. Costing £42 million and equipped with the latest clinical and diagnostic technology, the Maurice Wohl Institute represents a major development for both the University and the Hospital.

Positioned in the heart of an already busy campus, there was a concern about the impact traffic from the centre would have on the vicinity, especially at peak times. The concern was rooted in how an increase in traffic could be managed whilst safeguarding the security of pedestrians moving between the buildings on campus.

Automatic bollards were considered to be the most effective method of traffic control, and were specified by the architects working on the project. These bollards are convenient way of reducing traffic flow whilst ensuring the safety and security of pedestrians.

In order to fully appreciate the customer's requirements, AUTOPA visited the site on a number of occasions. After discussing the options with the client, our Installation Manager Brian Sayers came up with the perfect solution; Traffic Lights.

The traffic lights are designed to warn both oncoming drivers and pedestrians that the bollards are in operation. When the bollards start to rise, and any vehicles are stationary, the pedestrian lights will turn green indicating it is safe to cross. This system significantly decreases the chance of an accident, thereby enhancing the overall safety of the site.

Once the institute is open, the automatic bollards and traffic lights will increase the safety of pedestrians and control the flow of vehicle traffic. As well as offering an efficient and effective means of controlling traffic around the campus, the bollards also accentuate the building's design. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, these bollards have a flawless exterior and their elegant and sophisticated design mirrors the surrounding architecture perfectly.

AUTOPA’s experienced design and installation team utilised their expertise to suggest the best products to meet the customer’s exact requirements. The Site Manager was very impressed with Brian, and his "professional manner and good customer service". He added that they would definitely recommend us for future contracts.

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