Pendragon is one of the largest automotive dealer groups in the UK, and its showrooms are home to more than 25 different vehicle brands across 230 sites nationwide.

Moving their BMW and MINI dealerships from the Gemini Business Park to a new site six miles away required the development of two new showrooms.

To prevent unauthorised vehicular access onto site and the theft of any high value cars on show, securing the exterior of the new site was key. Pendragon and Architects Unwin Jones both wanted to avoid using traditional fencing, preferring a solution that would enhance, rather than detract from, the wider site architecture.

A leading supplier to the car retail industry, AUTOPA was perfectly positioned to help solve Pendragon’s access control issues. To secure the site, more than 150 AUTOPA Perimeter Barriers were installed, providing a permanent obstacle to vehicle traffic. At only 500mm tall these barriers do not interfere with a customer’s view of the cars on display. The AUTOPA Perimeter Barrier is a favourite amongst car retailers, with both Mercedes and Porsche currently utilising them to secure their showrooms and forecourts.

In addition to securing the perimeters, the new showrooms had to meet a number of environmental regulations, measured in BREEAM points. An easy way of gaining these points is to include adequate cycle storage in your design, encouraging staff and visitors alike to cycle to the site.

All VELOPA products are designed with these regulations in mind, scoring a development up to two BREEAM points. Unwin Jones took advantage of this, specifying a Cantilever Cycle Shelter for the site. A robust shelter, the Cantilever Shelter is perfect for use on busy and industrial sites and is able to withstand the knocks that will inevitably occur.

To accompany the Cantilever Shelter four Sheffield Cycle Stands were also specified. A staple of the UK high street, the Sheffield Cycle Stand allows cyclists to secure both the wheel and the frame of their bicycle simultaneously. The stands installed provided secure cycle storage for up to eight bicycles on site.

The new showrooms opened in October 2015, and the range of AUTOPA products have helped to create a modern and exciting new base for BMW and MINI in Leeds. The Perimeter Barriers provide attractive and unobtrusive security; a perfect alternative to the traditional solutions the developers wanted to avoid. The heavy duty cycle storage offers the site an environmentally sound transport alternative, allowing it to meet with environmental requirements.

For more information on  BMW/MINI, Leeds  talk to  AUTOPA Limited

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