King Edward VI

King Edward VI

The directors of the Three Rivers Learning Trust wanted to improve the entrance security at King Edward VI School in Morpeth. The school’s grounds are accessed by a single five metre wide entrance, with roads leading from it to car parks across the site.

This driveway and its adjoining access roads are used on a daily basis by over 1500 people, the majority of them children, so controlling who entered the school grounds is crucial. Existing manual gates provided some measure of security when the school was closed, but with nobody to operate them during the day they had to remain open during school hours.

A new automatic access control system at the main entrance was identified as the best solution to regulate who entered the grounds at all times, providing an additional level of protection for the pupils and staff. To ensure pedestrian safety a system was required which could control the flow and speed of traffic across the site, without disrupting the school’s daily running.

Having previously installed entrance facilities at another school in the Three Rivers Learning Trust, AUTOPA was recommended to help secure the school’s entrance.

Prior to purchase, AUTOPA was appointed to conduct a site survey. Working with the school allowed us to develop the best solution for their needs. During the survey it was clear that controlling entry to the grounds was vital, but exit from the site had to remain free. A swipe card system was already in place to control access to school buildings, which the school was eager to extend to the entrance. To provide further security the school wanted to regulate visitor access, controlling who was on site at any one time.

A five metre Automatic Arm Barrier provided the ideal solution. Highly flexible, this barrier could be programmed to operate alongside the swipe card system. Installing an intercom alongside the barrier allowed visitors to request site admission. Manned by the school’s reception staff, guests can be verified and their access authorised remotely. There were no restrictions programmed onto the exit loop for the barrier, allowing staff and visitors to leave freely. A safety loop was installed beneath the boom to prevent the barrier closing on any vehicles. This loop identifies any cars present, and stops the barrier closing until it is clear.

The site survey identified that maintaining low speeds across the grounds was important. The routes used to access the car parks were easily accessible by pedestrians; minimising speeds in this changeable environment reduced any danger posed on these roads. To achieve this AUTOPA installed two runs of 50mm Speed Ramps; one at the entrance to each of the roads. Stretching the span of the entrances, these speed ramps slow traffic to ten miles per hour, greatly reducing the risk of accidents.

The new entrance system installed by AUTOPA has solved the entrance security issues at King Edward VI School. The Automatic Arm Barrier and its controlled entry systems, allow the school to regulate who is able to enter the grounds, without causing disruption to its daily running. Speed Ramps have ensured that low speeds are maintained on the narrow access roads around the school. An economical solution, the barrier will secure the main entrance for more than a decade, requiring only annual maintenance checks. Happy with both the service and the system AUTOPA provided, King Edward School are already planning on using AUTOPA for their future needs.

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