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Outsourcing work to dedicated team - what you need to know

Hiring a dedicated team of IT experts is one of the most popular ways for organizations to acquire talent at an optimal cost. However, outsourcing IT projects comes with its risks. If you're considering to outsource some of your work to a dedicated IT team, here are the most critical risks together with ways to mitigate them. 

Read this article, and you'll be on your way to ensuring that your collaboration with an outsourcing dedicated team is successful and risk-free.

Time difference

One of the most obvious disadvantages of the dedicated team model is that the teams to which we outsource our projects are often located in different geographical locations and time zones. The most significant challenge that arises with working in different time zones is the lack of knowledge about which tasks have been completed and on which tasks developers are working right now. 

The best way to mitigate that risk is introducing reliable project management software that shows the project's progress accurately and in detail. Even if your team is working on the other side of the world, you will be able to track their work successfully, ensuring that they meet set deadlines and work on tasks in the right order.

Lack of experience in managing remote teams

Another significant challenge in dedicated teams is the risk that comes with poor management. Managing a remote team isn't easy but developing an organized workflow and equipping the team project management and time tracking tools is a proven way for mitigating that risk. 

Make sure that your internal and external teams can stay in touch using different communication tools such as instant messaging apps, emails, video-conferencing solutions, and project management tools. Managing remote teams is easier if you follow standard practices in the IT industry such as agile or Scrum.

Information leakage

Many organizations that outsource projects to dedicated teams are concerned about the privacy of data such as intellectual property, patents, or bank accounts. That's why companies that are considering this type of cooperation need to make sure that they sign an NDA and other security protocols before getting started. It's important to find a tech partner that has a clear security policy and security certifications to help protect your business and ensure that no information leakage takes place.

Lack of control over remote teams

Another significant risk that comes with hiring a dedicated team is that managers can't be in full control over its actions. However, innovative project management tools introduce a high degree of transparency to teams, making it impossible for a dedicated team to work on something different than what you agreed upon. By using such tools, you will have access to information about what the team is up to and when they will be delivering results.

Hidden costs

Finally, one of the most significant outsourcing risks is the possibility of incurring hidden costs. Outsourcing comes with significant savings but keeping in mind that hidden costs are often part of outsourcing will help you manage this risk and achieve the cost efficiency you seek. 

Most of the time, avoiding hidden costs comes down to choosing the right vendor, picking the outsourcing model that works for you, and building a robust internal process that supports the work delivered by the dedicated team.

Do you have any questions about the dedicated team model? Reach out to our team of consultants; we're experienced in advising companies about the best outsourcing cooperation models that deliver fantastic results.
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