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What's in a Name? Stand Out from the Crowd with a Catchy Business Title

Let us image for a moment that you are about to launch a pet-related online retail portal. You have not yet decided upon a name. What factors need to be taken into account? Are there any "rules" which will provide you with the exposure that is required for success? How can a handful of seemingly trivial guidelines make all of the difference in the world between a fruitful venture and a failed enterprise? Let's examine all of these questions in greater detail, as there is much more to a business name than you may have initially realised.

Catering to the Human Audience as Opposed to the SEO Gods 

One of the most critical (and common) mistakes made by many would-be entrepreneurs is that they place too much weight upon the importance of SEO when selecting a business name. To be very clear here, the power of search engine optimisation cannot be overstated and it should always be carefully considered. However, it is also crucial that you find a balance between titles that appeal to Google and those which will resonate with your audience. Let us consider these two examples (once again referring back again to our fictional pet business): 

• Smith's Pet Foods
• Feasts for Beasts

Which one grabs your attention? Which are you more likely to remember in the long run? Most individuals would certainly state the the second title seems to "leap" off of the page and strike a chord with their humorous side. This is one of the key points when choosing a name. It should reflect the nature of your business with a certain amount of individualistic flair. While examples above both convey the basic intention of the enterprise, Feasts for Beasts is much more likely to attract interest from the average online user. 

Remember that SEO goes far beyond the title of your website. This is the reason why features such as meta tags and meta titles are so important; they "explain" to search engines such as Google and Bing exactly what your website contains. To highlight this observation, choose an industry and perform a generic online search. It is very likely that those enterprises listed within the first SERP (search engine results page) are associated with catchy and unique names as opposed to generic titles. Please keep this concept in mind if you hope to stand out within online directories. 

Leveraging the Power and Insight Provided by Professional Online Tools 

Deciding upon a specific business name is often just as challenging as creating a bespoke logo. This process can take days or even weeks before you are eventually satisfied. Patience is indeed a virtue in such cases. Rushing the brainstorming process will only provide substandard results. The good news is that there are a few approaches which have proven highly successful over the years (and decades before the birth of the Internet). These include: 

• Establishing a list of titles and narrowing your choices down over time.
• Consulting with friends, family and co-workers.
• Researching similar business to understand the approaches that they previously embraced.
• Employing the use of advanced and user-friendly online software bundles.

While the first three are decidedly straightforward methods to adopt, the fourth has only arisen as a result of increased technology and "smart" software packages. How does an efficient online name generator function and what does it have to offer? 

Intuitive name generators are somewhat new within the e-commerce sector and they have arisen partially as the result of advanced methods such as artificial intelligence (AI). They are extremely user-friendly bundles and they can take a good deal of guesswork out of your name-binding conundrum. In fact, those developed by respected firms such as Oberlo offer a host of advanced and yet entirely intuitive features. You have the option to check if the website title has already been taken and you can even be provided with terms that are relevant to your industry. The main takeaway point here is that such packages will often cause you to think in different directions than would have otherwise been possible. This could very well be the extra inspiration that was required to uncover a truly unforgettable business identity. 

The good news is that such name generators are free of charge and they will be able to provide results in a matter of seconds. Although you should not necessarily rely upon these vehicles alone, there is no doubt that they will come in handy in the event that you have reached a mental impasse. 

Selecting the most appropriate business name for your online venture is one of the most crucial and formative steps in terms of marketing and product appeal. So, do not hesitate to use this article as a guide when putting your best virtual foot forward.
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