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How to Determine What Work Style You Have

Employees are the backbone of a company. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to run the company efficiently or expand into new areas. Getting the balance right in a workforce can be a tricky task. Everyone is different so has to be looked at individually to get the best work in the fastest amount of time, to fully evaluate their contribution to the overall goals of the company. Every team and every department will be able to offer unique personalities that contribute to the dynamics of the environment, and it recognises these strengths and weaknesses that make the company a better and more productive place to be.
When looking at teams, it is essential to tailor working practices to how people best work together. Getting the best of all working styles in an organisation can help lead, motivate and support each person through successes and failures on projects. A great way to see how people fit into styles is by checking out the Myers Briggs guide to discover your work personality type. Identifying each working type is the next step. Take a look at the different styles and how they fit into team dynamics. 
Natural leaders are people that can comfortably fit into the role as manager or supervisor on project work. If you fit into this style, then you’ll feel happy trying to inspire others and will be able to provide conviction in your vision. This style can also be associated with isolation, as taking charge comes with a responsibility that others cannot share easily. In some cases, it can also lead to conflict, if leading skills do not flow with people management experience.
These types of people are ideal for a hands-on team situation, as they love seeing a job through to completion. If you fit into this category, you’ll notice you love focusing entirely on a project and are particularly detailed in your approach. This style of working can sometimes be overzealous and may jump into the workflow without fully communicating what they are doing. With some great coaching, leader styles can help nurture this enthusiasm for optimum productivity.
For those that solving a problem and getting into the nitty-gritty of projects, then the learner suits your working style. This type of person is ideal for supporting the research element of a task and providing conviction in their findings. With the help of doers and leaders, they are also able to act on things without getting lost in the detail.
This style might sound strange, but lovers (not in the romantic sense) are people that help to build team bonds. The loving working style is considerate of others and empathetic to their needs, which can help when projects get tough. Working together with all the other working styles in the team, people that have this quality can both sustain good relations and focus on the task at hand.
Working together and blending these character traits is ideal for getting the most productive and resourceful workforce for your business.

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