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How to Reduce Crime in the Office

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who are willing to go to great lengths to gain access your premises, steal your belongings and damage your property. It is sadly a reality for businesses of all sized, which is why you must learn more about how to reduce crime in the office.

A Burglar Alarm System
Never be vulnerable to trespassers by ensuring you have the appropriate security solutions in place. Of course, one of the best ways to protect your premises and property is to install a reliable burglar alarm system, which will alert you and/or the police if a burglar or vandal attempts to gain access to your office. For example, Eurolink Security can install burglar alarms Bristol and the surrounding areas, helping to provide you and your employees with peace of mind.

CCTV Monitoring
It is impossible to monitor every aspect of your office alone. Yet, you will want to know exactly what is happening on your premises 24 hours a day. You cannot possibly catch someone in the act if you don’t know they are up to no good. Installing CCTV could, therefore, provide the ideal solution, as you can pay close attention to activity onsite, so you can spot any external or internal crime that could damage your business. Remember to look out for odd behaviour, and instruct trusted members of staff on the appropriate course of action if a crime is committed inside or outside your office.

Secure Your Data
Not all crime is external. Many ambitious or disgruntled members of staff might be tempted to steal or destroy your data for their own gain or out of anger. With many businesses utilising big data, and with many legal requirements to secure employee and consumer data, it is important to protect your digital files to avoid theft or destruction.
For example, you could invest in a cloud access security broker to secure your data to ensure it isn’t compromised. If you don’t, you might not only lose your data, but you may also face legal repercussions that could impact your finances and reputation.

Perform Background Checks
You have a responsibility to your business, customers and existing employees to hire the best candidates for a role. For this reason, you must call a potential employee’s references and perform background checks. Many companies make the big mistake of skipping this step, as they may trust a person as soon as they interview them – but they may later regret their decision down the road. The background checks will allow you to place trust in your employees, which can reduce or eliminate crime committed internally.

Introduce Security Policies
It is important for employees to be aware that you take onsite security very seriously. To do so, you should introduce various policies to create a more secure environment for both your business and staff. For example, you should introduce a policy that requires members of staff to check equipment and devices in or out, and you should make it mandatory that all guests sign in and out of the office.

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