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Using Effective Calls to Action in Banner Ads

In using banners for advertising, whether printed or digital, the most critical part is the call to action. You usually read it towards the end of the banner. It may also be in any other corner of the ad that attracts attention.
The goal is to make sure that more people can see the ads and decide to buy the products and services offered. Here are some tips to make the call to action more convincing.
It should be in a strategic location
Some ads place the call to action inside a shape or highlight it with a different colour. It allows people to see the message. It may also be towards the end so that people will have more time to understand the brand first before they decide to buy. The point is that the call to action should be visible enough. Use the right font size and style for readability.
Create a sense of urgency
You must give them a reason to act now. For instance, you should use the words "today" or "now" to ensure that people will move right away. Otherwise, they will feel like the company can wait. If there are promotions or discounts, let them know that it will be over soon. You can use the terms "limited offer" or "good while supplies last". It is not deceit if it is true.
Be more personal
Use pronouns that will make people feel like they are the ones making the decision. For instance, instead of saying "sign up", use "sign me up". It is just a simple psychological trick. In the first option, it is like telling them what they should do. On the second option, it feels like the decision came from them. They need to be involved in the decision-making process. It might be a small thing, but it can change a lot of things.
Avoid false advertisements
As always, even if your goal is to attract attention, stay away from false advertising. It does not help. For instance, the information you put on exhibition stands must be accurate. People should not feel deceived by your advertising. If the ads are too good to be true, perhaps they are untrue. If people realise that you are just fooling them, then getting their trust might become a considerable challenge.  
You need to be creative when coming up with ads. You should also be critical of the words that you use. It helps a lot if you ask other people in your team to express their views about the ads before publishing them. If there are mistakes or confusion, consider making revisions. Don't publish anything until you are satisfied with the ads. Also, don't forget to take the ads down if they are no longer relevant. If the discount period is over, or the stock has sold out, there is no need to advertise further.
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