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3 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Online Training

With many of the population working from home, businesses are evolving how they train their staff members. Training online allows your company to keep the information up to date, employ individuals at a faster rate, and tailor learning to the individual. 

Have you considered the impact of social media on learning online? Whether you're an employee or a business owner, utilising social media platforms is a sure way to improve your training strategy.

What Is Online Training?  

Online training is often called e-learning and involves digital tutorials and knowledge tests. This learning method enables users to access apps and platforms such as Learn to Win at their convenience, online and from home. 

Social media can complement this training in multiple ways that encourage interactivity and engagement. Some new ways to get your trainees excited about learning that don't involve snooze-worthy PowerPoints include:

1. Web-Based Debates 

Debates are a great way to publicise, assuming your company is sharing social content too. Some social media platforms offer the use of public debate as a part of their service. Getting the public involved in a poll can boost interactivity and interest in your company. 

The role of social media here takes shape through access to research. The public uses forums to share their opinions in a more human way than research articles communicate findings. 

Using platforms that the public has access to pushes you to question your viewpoints through another person's words. Taking the results over to an online debate will teach you how the public view certain statements and offer insight into the company. 

2. Competition

Rewarding employees for active participation online is a great way to improve engagement with services and colleagues. 

Social media doesn't only exist to use at home. Many companies are now integrating forms of social networking in their businesses to encourage participation in the workplace culture. 

A competition gets employees to use their newfound skills learned online and put them to work. A competition for the best presentation shared on the social network, judged by the votes from your colleagues, would get everyone involved, competitors and audience members alike. Implementing new skills will also increase knowledge retention and application of skills. 

3. Live Sessions 

Social media allow us to host live events from the comfort of our homes. Workers are far more likely to attend at home as issues around travel and schedule will be much fewer. 

Group online training sessions are a way to adapt traditional tutorial videos that staff use to train online and bring them to life. They can interact and ask questions, all while learning digitally. Participation extends to colleagues assisting peers, for instance, sending a link to an external article to further your understanding. 

Seeing Improvements 

Using methods online that urge peers to collaborate brings forward the positives found in working together in real life and makes it possible online too. Online learning is excellent for building knowledge, but pushing it further through the application will result in an even more excellent result. 

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