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How using a VPN can save your business money

Cutting costs is on the agenda for many businesses right now. Soaring energy bills have led to desperate appeals for financial support, as many face a risk of closure if things stay as they are.

Government help aside, there are many different ways to make cutbacks – depending on your proposition. But using a virtual private network (VPN) is one many business owners won’t be familiar with.

In short, VPNs can protect your internet connection and privacy online by encrypting your data. It’s a great way to reduce the risk of cyberattacks – a threat that 39% of UK businesses had identified in the past 12 months.

So how can a VPN boost your business finances as well as its security?

Save on business purchases

A great feature of VPNs is that they mask your IP address, allowing you to access content from different regions. Lots of people use this benefit to stream TV shows or films that aren’t currently available where they live. But it also means you could access cheaper prices for your business.

That goes for equipment and software, plus purchases like travel and hotel bookings. So as well as the likes of NordVPN protecting you from trackers with a threat protection feature, they can also save you money!

Boost your productivity

Another advantage of VPNs is their ability to boost your team’s productivity. First, they allow for safe remote working, enabling you to appeal to more workers while keeping business data secure.

VPNs also make file sharing and collaboration more efficient for remote teams. Once connected, they can access resources on your network just like they would in an office.

VPNs can even increase your internet speeds, helping your team work faster. This is because they remove the risk of your internet service provider slowing your connection based on your activities.

Protect valuable data

Perhaps the most crucial financial benefit of VPNs is how they protect valuable company data. Because cyberattacks aren’t just inconvenient, they can be incredibly costly too.

Suffering a customer data breach could lead to hefty fines from regulators, as well as reputational damage. Yet you can negate much of this risk by simply installing a company VPN.

Keep security costs down

Large businesses might have the budget to invest in robust, complex security systems. But for smaller setups, a VPN is an effective way to make users and data safer without breaking the bank.

Most VPNs come with a small monthly fee per user and nothing else, and you could save more with a business licensing plan. Compare this with paying an extra salary, and it’s hard to argue against using a VPN.

Could a VPN have financial benefits for your business?

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