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Onion Processing Equipment

Onion Processing Equipment

Finis have an impressive portfolio of food processing equipment. One area of expertise is onion peeling and processing that is a globally proven system amongst processors. Over a period of many years our development team have gathered information and experiences, continuously improving the machines. Today we are specialists in the gentle handling of the onion, peeling and further processing. We are able to take care of your onion processing requirements from raw material through to packed fresh peeled onions, whether whole or cut product into dices, slices or accurately cut onion rings. The basic concept: simplicity & flexibility The majority of onion processors produce a variety of onion products:

Whole peeled onions Random sliced onions Diced onions Onion rings

Finis have not only developed a complete program of machines to produce all these high quality onion products, but are also very experienced in designing complete processing lines of carefully selected machines in which alternative routing options in the process lead to different end products, providing a dynamic and efficient line. With maximum flexibility and a minimum amount of machines we make it possible to provide complete solutions that are simple and flexible.

In addition to standard grade onion peeling we now have machines that will also handle small onions and very large onions specifically designed to suit certain markets.

Product Handling – Grading – Topping & Tailing - Peeling - Manual Inspection - Optical Sorting – Accurate Onion Ring Slicing - Dicing – Random Slicing – Centrifugal Drying - Air Cooling – Metal Detection – Weighing & Packing.

For more information on  Onion Processing Equipment  talk to  Projx Services Ltd

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For more information on  Onion Processing Equipment  talk to  Projx Services Ltd

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