5 Clever and Unique Ways to Use Your Portabar in 2022

5 Clever and Unique Ways to Use Your Portabar in 2022

2022 is brimming with potential for those in the hospitality industry. All around the globe, the world of hospitality is looking for new ways to be creative and celebrate the return of alfresco dining, garden parties and festivals – and so much more.

If you’re an events director or bar owner, it’s very possible that you are thinking over how to make the most of unused space, or encourage mixing in a safe and manageable way.

These are challenges that we at Portabar can help with. Our mobile bar system comes with a host of features that can support brilliant service, at scale, in the field. No matter where in the world you want to operate, our flexible designs of portable bars can adapt to suit a wide range of spaces, settings and styles – not to mention functions

So, as you dust off that business plan this year and start booking in events again, come take a look at the top ways to adapt and thrive using Portabar as your linchpin.

  1. Use your Portabar to maximise outdoor space Outdoor Bars for Gardens and Parties | Portabar Portabar’s ability to flex to different indoor and outdoor settings is something of a superpower in an age where we’re all thinking about how to maximise space whilst keeping people safe. Our mobile bar system can be set up anywhere from pavements to terraces or back gardens, helping your brand to make the most of your venue or space.

In addition, one large bar system from the Portabar collection can be broken down into a series of smaller bars (as shown on this photo from our friends at The Bartender Hire Company) for crowd management to encourage fewer queues and congestion points. At the same time, these bars can be custom-fitted with their own distinct finishes so no two portable bars will look the same.

  1. Take your Portabar to the beach Beach Bar for Cocktails Outside | Portabar Portabar’s easy mobility and great set-up is the reason why clients come back to us, time and again. Thanks to compact flight cases, our bar system can be smoothly transported from A to B, with an easy-to-build kit that will adapt to almost any kind of landscape worldwide.

Take flair champion Tom Dyer, who has his Portabar in prime position on a Portuguese beach, as pictured here. The Portabar sits flush against the sand, with beautiful style and all the equipment needed for flawless service in the field.

  1. Set sail with your Portabar Salcombe Using a portable bar at Royal Southern Yacht Club, Southampton | Portabar It’s not just land settings that Portabar can adapt to, either. Our mobile bar system is equally at home on the high seas. The photo shows Portabar playing host for Salcombe Distilling Co. at the Royal Southern Yacht Club in Southampton.

It’s on the harbour here, but this set-up could easily be packed into flight cases for transport onto a yacht. Its premium stainless steel design and versatile facade makes Portabar the ideal accessory in the high-octane world of hospitality in the luxury charter space.

  1. Serve coffee, beer or food from your Portabar Mobile Bars To Serve From Outside | Portabar It’s not just cocktail service that Portabar has whittled down to a fine art. Our mobile bar system also supports beer service, food prep and coffee stations (as in the case of Terra Terra restaurant in North London).

Choose from varied designs to work out the exact layout you need: different bar tops or back fittings can be used, depending on what it is that your event requires. Because Portabar’s system is interchangeable, you can swap in components according to different events or settings over time, too – it’s the ultimate multitasker.

  1. Use your Portabar in a multipurpose venue

Portabar’s capacity to adapt to different sizes and shapes gives it unparalleled strength in a multipurpose space. Venues such as hotels, exhibition spaces or indoor arenas can use our flexible system to run several different events in tandem, or to switch quickly from different styles of event.

For example, Portabar can transform easily from a large 3 x 3 x 3 honeycomb-shaped bar with beer serve to a series of small 3-bay bars, or a 6-bay linear bar with backfitting and a lit spirit tier. The choice is all yours, and bespoke magnetic branding can help style the transition.

Find out more about Portabar’s multipurpose design right here.

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