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Solving Problems Through Thermoforming

This article looks at Solving Problems Through Thermoforming. If you want to explore the problems solved by thermoformed plastic products we discuss options available.

 Service Tailored to your Needs

Plastic products thermoformed by Plastics By Design Ltd provide cost effective solutions to more difficult problems of product development and production. We have the experience and technical resources to help you and are ready to work closely in a productive partnership to save you time and money.


 Unique Design Expertise

It pays to talk to our helpful technical sales team at an early stage in your product programme. Our broad experience of designing products and components for so many industries mean we can often propose solutions that are even simpler and more effective than your original concept.

Solving Problems Through Thermoforming
UK Thermoforming Services

 Low-Cost Prototypes

Our advanced CAD/CAM, and 3D printed prototype moulds and precision production tooling capabilities make it easy for you to evaluate and perfect sample designs at relatively low cost before committing to full production. This facility is one of the great benefits of thermoforming with Plastics By Design.

Low-Cost Prototypes
Advanced Production Techniques

 Advanced Production Techniques

We process many types of plastics materials, including the newest and most sophisticated. Continuous plant investment ensures that our overall manufacturing capability is maintained at the leading edge of technology. The customer can rely on getting the most economical finished products exactly matched to requirements.


 Quality Guaranteed

Quality is implicit in our systems and procedures throughout the company, and these have been recognised by BS EN IS0 9002 accreditations. If you are also a BRC/IOP Global Standard and BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Standard registered company, you know your quality standard will not be jeopardised.


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