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Plastic Thermoformed Packaging

This article looks at plastic thermoformed packaging. If you want to explore the possibilities of thermoformed plastic packaging we discuss options available.Plastics By Design Ltd can design moulded-in hinges and locking features has found versatile applications in both industrial and consumer areas.

Workstations: Multi-cavity packs are designed for many storage and dispensing applications in the electronic, medical, and general industrial fields.

Serving as compact, mobile workstations, operatives or engineers in the field, factory or elsewhere can easily select various small parts as required from individual compartments without disturbing other parts which are safely retained. Lids can be re-closed in compartments where all the contents are not used at one time.

Plastic Thermoformed Packaging

Retail Packs: Many kinds of consumer products can be attractively and economically presented in highly functional hinged containers. These can be located on pegboards or be free-standing to maximise space and display potential. Many features can be moulded-in, including locking mechanisms for ease of assembly and extra product security. Packs and dispensers can be produced from virgin or recycled materials and can then enter the recycling chain.


Protective Packaging for Medical Products

Protective Packaging for Medical Products

Offering considerable scope for purpose-designed containers and dispensers, Plastics By Design Ltd protective packaging is finding increasing application in the medical and diagnostic fields.

Pack designers can be highly innovative as well as functional in creating new answers to packaging and presentation problems in these areas.

High quality and accuracy to ensure perfect protection for sterile products whilst in transit or in storage are the first requirements. But easy access to the contents at the point of use is also essential – for example, by surgical teams in the theatre. 

Packs must also be designed to be aesthetically acceptable to enhance the company image, and clear product identification with company name and logo can be incorporated by embossing. Most medical packs require lid fitments or lidding materials to be sealed prior to sterilization.

From the wide range of thermoplastic materials, which are suitable for medical packs, choice will be determined by the sterilization programme necessary and other criteria such as chemical resistance and operating temperatures.


Plastic Thermoformed Displays

Plastic Thermoformed Displays

Plastic Thermoformed Display and Illuminated Signs can be designed and produced to enhance your product and increase sales.

An ever-increasing variety of high-grade plastics are available with enormous scope for decoration either by in-mould processes or added at a later stage to enhance the display and your image.

Processes such as Screen Printing, Foil Blocking, Painting and Embossing are available to ensure that your product's first impression lasts!

The skilled Plastics By Design Ltd team offer a total service from Customer's initial concept through all stages to finished product. Our depth of process knowledge and experience, coupled with the computer aided design and thermoforming simulation facilities at our disposal, ensure a practical and cost-effective solution.


Component Parts

Plastic pressure forming presents new possibilities and economies for the product designer. The versatility offered by this revolutionary technique offers the high-quality image of injection moulding yet still maintains the benefit of low-cost tooling and shorter lead times. It allows a greater degree of accuracy and detail to be achieved. Undercuts, grille work, crisp edges and all-over or localised surface decoration are all possible. The process results in parts with low internal stress and good physical properties. 

Today, manufacturers must contend with accelerated product life cycles. Pressure forming tool manufacture allows a more rapid product introduction, with lower costs and greater modification flexibility to meet new needs or market changes.

This shorter speed of response, compared to the injection moulding option, is vitally important and is especially advantageous for low to medium volume production.

Our experienced design team promote early involvement with the customer to alleviate preconceived process limitations.

 UK Plastic Packaging Thermoforming

Basic design, including material options, can be finalised using Plastics By Design Ltd's advanced thermoforming simulation computer programme. The more detailed considerations such as fixing devices and cosmetic features are recommended to improve appearance, function, and reduce cost. 

We have the capability of producing mouldings of areas up to 2200mm x 1500mm x 800mm using materials up to 8mm thick. With the wide range of engineering thermoplastics available, virtually any combination of properties is possible in the final product. Materials include polycarbonates, ABS, polypropylene, HDPE, acrylics, and PETS. 

Plastic Thermoformed Packaging mouldings

Fire-rated materials to British Standards are also available. All parts are finished machined to a high degree of accuracy. Protection with EMI/RFI shielding can be specified if required. The versatility offered by today’s advanced thermoforming processes presents new opportunities and economies for the product designer.

All kinds of products and component parts, many of considerable complexity, are regularly produced by Plastics By Design Ltd for a wide variety of industries.

These range from large high strength structural mouldings to small and accurate critical parts. We can produce forming’s up to 8mm thick over an area of 2.2m x 1.5m and to a depth of 800mm.

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