A hardwood floor is a serious investment. It should last for one lifetime and possibly several. Hardwood floors are things of real and lasting natural beauty which can add both aesthetic and monetary value in excess of their cost to your home or office.

You must expect some disruption and inconvenience if you have a hardwood floor installed in an occupied building. Make sure you give the flooring contractor the time he says he needs to carry out the work without interference from other trades.

Remove from the room everything you do not wish to dust - all furniture, ornaments,pictures, curtains, and old floor coverings should be removed from rooms where flooring is being installed.

The building should be completely weather-tight, with external windows glazed and doors fitted.

ALL wet trades (plastering, drylining, water based paintwork, ceramic tile, etc.) should be completed and their work dry.

Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems should be commissioned and operating for at least 14 days prior to beginning hardwood flooring works.

The temperature and relative humidity must be at "normal living conditions"- i.e. between 60 & 80 degrees Fahrenheit and between 30-50 percent humidity- for a minimum of 6 days prior to delivery of the wood flooring.

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