Things you should NOT expect from a wood floor finish !

  1. Do not expect a completely flat, table top, finish. Your contractor is making your floor by hand in your home or office. He is not working in the ideal conditions of a factory. Each section of flooring responds differently to the sanding process depending upon its grain type (plain or quartered), making it virtually impossible for a completely flat surface to be achieved on site. The joy of a hand made floor is partly in the imperfections which are not usually present in factory made products.

  2. A dust-free finish. Whilst the finish should not be 'dusty' it is inevitable that some air borne dust will settle on the lacquered surface. This is normally quickly worn off by normal cleaning and foot traffic.

  3. A single colour floor. Wood is a natural product. Species vary in the amount of their colour variation. Even the plainest species vary from piece to piece. Patterned floors show variation because of the way the light is shed when reflected from the grain as it runs in different directions. Hence, herringbone floors appear to be made from rows of light and dark wood.

  4. A floor that will not indent. The term 'hardwood' has nothing to do with the hardness of the wood, unfortunately. Balsa is a hardwood. Some 'softwoods' are harder than some 'hardwoods'. Stiletto heels severely damage hardwood floors. No surface finish has yet been invented which will entirely prevent indentation.

  5. A floor that cannot be scratched. Floor finishes vary in their resistance to scratching, but no-one has yet invented a finish that cannot be scratched. See our page on Lacquers (this page is under construction).

  6. Do not expect a floor without any open joints between the boards, or within the parquet pieces. A new floor may have tight closed joints but it will continue to absorb and release moisture with seasonal changes in humidity. It will expand and contract - even if imperceptibly. Open joints will appear in the finest of solid wood floors. Joints are more apparent in pale coloured or white finished floors. However, wide open joints greater than 1% of the width of the widest element adjacent to the joint are not usually acceptable - except where planned for effect.

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