Board floors Preparation

Board floors Preparation

When fitting over exisiting softwood floors it is vital to ensure the boards will provide a sound, flat, firm base. Lift any boards which are loose to check the positions of services (electricity cables, water or gas pipes etc.) and then refix, marking the services positions on the face of the boards.

N.B. Never put fixings through boards if you have even the slightest suspicion that there may be services below. Murphys Law dictates that if there is something there you will definitely hit it with the only nail or screw which penetrates the underside of the board and you will not know about it until you have laid and finished the whole floor and the damage will become most evident just as you and your family are about to set off on the most expensive holiday of your life - or the damage will greet you as you open the front door when you get back and your neighbour says, "I wondered why there was a constant stream of water running out of your front door all month, but I did not want to interfere. What a shame."

Walk the floor, taking note of any creaks or movements, particularly in doorways. Screw down loose or creaking boards. Use screws instead of nails because they hold firmly and can easily be removed. If screwing down does not cure the creak, take up the section and investigate the cause.

Sand the floor smooth and flat if it is uneven or the boards are badly curled.

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