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Specialists in acoustic sound measurement and noise control methods, Noise & Vibration Solutions are a Leicestershire-based provider of state-of-the-art noise reduction systems and high-end consultancy services. Over the years, we have developed an extensive range of products that have benefitted multiple businesses and organisations across Britain and beyond, and have offered our years of knowledge and expertise on how sound is measured effectively and various sound frequencies.

Here at Noise & Vibration Solutions, we believe in helping clients improve their workplace surroundings by providing excellent health and safety solutions that are developed through our understanding of different acoustics and how an extensive amount of noise can affect the working environment as well as staff members. All of our sound engineers are fully qualified in their areas of expertise and are more than willing to offer their impressive consultancy services to clients who are wanting to improve the acoustics of their establishment.

We as a company have built up our reputation based on our professional practices and ability to provide innovative solutions that are able to solve any problems and provide conventional techniques that are guaranteed to achieve success in any working environment. We can ensure maximum efficiency across all factors including noise assessments, vibration assessments, control solutions, HAV training and noise training. We encourage all potential clients to get in touch with our team either by email or by telephone.


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Noise & Vibration Solutions

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