Niftylift Launches 15m and 17m Low-Weight All-Electric Booms

Niftylift Launches 15m and 17m Low-Weight All-Electric Booms

Niftylift is pleased to announce the launch of not one but two new low-weight all-electric booms, the HeightRider 15E (HR15E) and HeightRider 17E (HR17E).


The new HR15E and HR17E will lift two people and their tools to working heights of 15.7m and 17.2m, respectively, or an unbeatable working outreach of 9.4m.

With both machines weighing less than 5 tonnes, they combine innovative weight and space-saving design with an excellent turning circle to deliver outstanding manoeuvrability on-site and reduced transportation costs for rental companies.

Their practical 180° rotating cage and fly-boom coupled with fully proportional multi-function controls deliver exceptional precision when positioning the cage, making tasks quicker and easier to perform.

Their batteries will last four times as long as standard battery-powered machines due to a super-efficient battery power system with an all-electric drive. So they can do considerably more work on a single charge while at the same time reducing running costs. All this, and the inclusion of non-marking tyres as standard, make the HR15E and HR17E supremely versatile. They're equally happy working inside or out but are particularly effective in locations where emissions or noise need to be limited.

They incorporate Niftylift's ToughCage and multi-award-winning SiOPS® protection, eliminating sustained involuntary operation by instantly stopping machine movement if the operator is pushed onto the control console.

More Detail

Efficient drive with significantly extended battery performance The HR15E and HR17E all-electric booms utilise an advanced battery power system with an efficient all-electric drive that allows the batteries to work for significantly longer. Niftylift measures machine operation in ‘Standard Duty Cycles’ (expressed as an ‘SDC Rating’*) and the new all-electric booms achieve an SDC Rating of 66 (at an ambient temp of 25°C).

The industry standard for a typical working day is 16, which means that they can potentially offer over 4 'days' of operation on a single charge! *Learn more about Niftylift SDC Ratings here.

Maintenance-Free Batteries with Full Monitoring and Protection They come with AGM maintenance-free batteries as standard and a full monitoring and protection system that monitors battery voltage, DC current in and out, and battery temperature. The system stops batteries from being discharged to less than 20% of full charge, preventing battery damage that can be caused by excessive deep battery discharge - with no performance loss.

On-Board Diagnostics

They include onboard diagnostics screens at both base and cage, giving owners and operators more information than ever before to help identify faults and assist with maintenance activities.

SiOPS® & ToughCage

The impact-resistant composite base and larger cross-section steel rails of the ToughCage give additional strength and durability.

SiOPS® is Niftylift’s patented and multi-award-winning operator protection system that instantly stops all machine functions if the operator is pushed onto the cage control console by an obstacle, preventing serious injury. Niftylink – Advanced Telematics

Delivered via a web-based management portal and smartphone app, Niftylink is Niftylift’s powerful new digital analytics tool that provides valuable data insights on machine health, activity and location.

With over 70 parameters of machine data, Niftylink offers the highest level of insight to give a better understanding of machine usage, performance and life-cycle, helping to maximise efficiency and improve profitability.

Niftylink remotely diagnoses machine issues and offers resolutions, increasing machine uptime & customer satisfaction.

Niftylink also ensures that owners have complete control and oversight over their entire fleet (when fitted to multiple Niftylifts)


The new HR15E and HR17E now deliver the complete package: Industry leading reach performance from a compact and manoeuvrable low-weight base; excellent utilisation potential; low running and maintenance costs and multi award-winning operator protection.

Whether from the point of view of a machine operator or a rental company Niftylift’s new Narrow booms represent the 'ultimate' combination of performance, economy, and most importantly safety.

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