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Moores of London has been supplying corporate branded gifts and amenities since it was established in 1909. Our people and service sets us apart from others. Our vision is to provide a collaborative and supportive experience to create memorable gifts and amenities to enhance our client’s brand reputation. We are committed to providing high quality gifts, regardless of the gift tier, reinforced by our continuous development in design and innovation. This is paramount to ensure our gifts and amenities remain relevant, practical, memorable and provide a real return on our client's investment We continuously strive to work with materials that are eco-friendly, recyclable, recycled, biodegradable and sustainable wherever possible. The range of materials and gifts that fall into these categories is ever growing and its great to see so many clients committed to a positive culture change to protect our planet's future. We work with a diverse range of clients to supply the following bespoke products: • Corporate branded gifts, giveaways and promotional incentives • Hotel and restaurant amenities • Corporate branded stationery To complement our business, we can also offer: • Graphic Design • Artwork Redrawing • Fulfilment • Printing • Webstore For more ideas from our Moores of London PROMO catalogue click here!

Moores of London
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