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Kardex Remstar is one of the world's leading suppliers of automated storage and retrieval solutions.

Our products are designed to increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your working practices. With our tailor-made solutions, you can considerably reduce your company's storage space.

We have successfully installed more than 140,000 systems in sectors such as retail, warehouse & distribution, defense and aerospace since 1873.

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KARDEX restructures warehousing system - Green and cost effective - The new Megamat RS

KARDEX restructures warehousing system - Green and cost effective - The new Megamat RS

The new Megamat will be available from September 1, 2010.

The best technology from decades of experience, modified to meet modern logistical requirements – that is the Megamat RS. The automated warehouse vertical carousel features an improved structure, lower material usage and considerably reduced energy consumption. Thanks to their modular construction, all new Megamat systems can be modified in line with changes in requirements at any time, even retrospectively, and they can be integrated into a networked system. Furthermore, its four patent-pending safety systems ensure the highest possible safety for both employees and warehouse stock.

The new Megamat RS from KARDEX

"Since the merger of Megamat GmbH and KARDEX two years ago, design engineers from both companies have been collaborating intensively to develop a new generation of the popular warehousing system for the Megamat brand," explains Michael Deininger, Marketing Director KARDEX. "The relaunch focuses on maintaining optimum quality standards and a responsible and cost-conscious consumption of resources." Not only have steps been taken to improve the structure, but a considerable reduction in the system's weight has also been attained. What is more, the new Megamat consumes 40% less energy than its predecessor, thanks to the use of purpose-made electric motors and finely calibrated frequency converters. For a number of years, KARDEX has oriented its activities towards attaining all-round environmental management in terms of energy efficiency. "We save energy before it is needed – in production, in ongoing operations, and in the disposal of disused equipment," explains Deininger. "With a credible outcome: discernibly reduced lifecycle costs."

A further central aspect of the warehousing vertical carousel is its safety management, for which four European patents are pending: the redesigned emergency hand crank ensures that operators are always able to access stored goods, even in the event of a power cut. The clip system simplifies the installation process and increases the stability of the system, which is earthquake-resistant in accordance with DIN 4149, Zone 3, subsurface conditions C-R. The automatic chain tensioner is instrumental in increasing the service life of the load chain, and the light-running sliding door moves extremely smoothly, whether automatically or manually. In addition to the mechanical antitheft system, such as the lockable operating hatch, it is possible to secure the entire system or sections of it by issuing personal passwords or employing RFID chips for personal identification.

The Megamat RS is designed to convey goods to the operator. It is a highly space-efficient warehousing concept that has only minimal floor space requirements. The system can be employed as a standalone installation or it is possible to connect several floors with several integrated access openings over a maximum height of ten metres.

Info panel: Controller to suit requirements The Megamat RS is fitted as standard with the practice-proven C3000 controller. The " Drive and View" function enables operation without a warehouse management system. Standard interfaces allow the use of warehouse management software, such as Power Pick Global by KARDEX, if required, and they also enable the system's integration into higher level ERP and host systems. In addition, barcode solutions, position lamps and pick by light products can be implemented through standard interfaces.


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