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Flexible Pipe Laying Equipment

Flexible Pipe Laying Equipment

Houlder has a growing reputation for pipe laying equipment. The Reel Skidding Drive System (RSDS), designed, engineered and constructed by Houlder to the client specification, consists of a skid frame, skid trolley and push beam. Weighing 75t, the modular RSDS receives a loaded cassette reel of flexible product, engages its drive system and then transports the unit 10 metres along the vessel deck to the product deployment position. Key features include•4m x 10m Skid Trolley •Tower and cradle arrangement. •Supports two reel types of up to 150t each •Two 30t hydraulic rams drive the trolley 10m •Trolley is driven over the skid frame on 200t Hillman Rollers •Lateral movement arrested by guides at all four corners of the skid frame. •Easily reversed to pull back to loading position •Flashing light and audible safety alarm •Designed to operate at sea in all but storm conditions The RSDS was developed, designed and fabricated in a total of sixteen weeks. The pipe laying equipment has now been deployed to South America for mobilisation on-board Aquatic’s end customer’s vessel. The relationship with Aquatic continues, with Houlder currently developing a modular Reel Carousel.

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