Die Casting

Die Casting

Die-casting is a key element of Goudsmit UK's Industrial Components offering and an area in which the company has had great success over the last few years. Our expertise in supplying low to medium volumes to a high quality and finish has enabled us to grow both our client base and range of applications rapidly.

We provide advice to clients on part design and performance through to modelling and analysis of parts using FEA. Our in-house tool production allows us to rapidly alter dimensions and tolerances when required and to ensure the quality and longevity of our tooling.


Our pre-production capabilities include:

- CADImageCAD/CAM - Solid modelling capability - FEA analysis of parts and mould flow analysis using CFD software - Fully equipped tool production area with CNC milling, lathes and spark erosion - In-house die design, manufacture, construction and maintenance


We specialise in the supply of zinc and aluminium die-cast components. Materials are sourced only from approved suppliers and checked against specifications on a regular basis.

Alloys moulded are:


Alloy 3 Alloy 5 Alloy 7 ZA-8 ZA-12


A360 380 A380


Our production is primarily of smaller parts up to 1kg, although our capability is up to 2.5kg for Zinc and up to 4kg for aluminium. Currently our 11 presses range from 100 to 800 tonnes. With a flexible manufacturing system and the ability to change tools in rapid succession, we can handle both short and long manufacturing runs. The recently updated manufacturing site has been streamlined to allow for the quick passage of parts through manufacturing and on to post-production.


As well as offering high quality die-castings, Goudsmit UK can perform second operation, either in-house or as a sub-contract operation. All our subcontractors are thoroughly vetted and approved. Post-production options include:


* CNC machining centre * CNC turning * Vibratory deburring * Tapping and threading equipment * Press fitting and assembly with other components * Washing and drying equipment

Coatings and finishes:

* Powder coating * Wet painting * Chromating * Passivation * Plating

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