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Eurobrick specialise in brick and stone slip cladding systems and was the first to introduce a comprehensively designed system to the UK in 1990. Since then, Eurobrick has continued to develop new systems to meet the changing demands of the market and is the UK’s leading specialist for brick and stone slip cladding and the largest stockist of brick slips.

Eurobrick’s systems provide the real look, feel and durability of traditional masonry with the benefit of being extremely versatile and quick to install. The cladding has a broad range of applications, including new build, modular and refurbishment of commercial and domestic buildings. It can be installed both internally and externally to all construction types.



Brick slip faced external wall insulation (EWI) system. X-Clad will significantly increase the energy efficiency of a building, thereby improving internal conditions for occupiers and reducing heating bills.


Brick faced internal wall cladding. Developed by Eurobrick for interior applications, its slimline profile minimises the loss of valuable floor space.


Designed with new build projects in mind where there is no requirement for insulation. P-Clad is rigid, making it the ideal sheathing for a building. P-Clad has been approved for installation on buildings over 18m high.


Each system has a specially developed backer panel, which is supplied (pre-laminated) with a vacuum formed styrene skin bonded to it. The skin has moulded horizontal tracks between which the brick or stone slips are glued. To complete the installation, Eurobrick’s pointing mortar is piped into the joints and tooled to achieve a traditional masonry finish.


For Eurobrick’s online gallery showing the brick and stone slips available within the ranges below, please visit www.eurobrick.co.uk • Britannia Range: Kiln fired, extruded brick slips in natural clay brick colours • Classic Range: Kiln fired stock bricks specially cut to fit the system The Britannia and Classic Ranges are manufactured in standard UK sizes, with corner bricks available. • Stone: Eurobrick can supply a range of reconstructed and natural stone slips available in various finishes for use on whole projects or to provide architectural detail. Corner slips are available. Please note that stone is manufactured or cut to order and requires a minimum lead time of 8 weeks. Eurobrick also offers a brick matching and cutting service for customers who require a specific brick type for a project.


Eurobrick’s Europoint mortar is easy to use and ready to mix requiring only water. Europoint has been specially formulated so it can be piped into the brick joints using a pointing bag or gun. The mortar is available in seven standard colours. For large projects, special colours can be produced to client requirements.


• Reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions • Installation is quick and straightforward • Groundworks are not required. Disruption and mess can be kept to a minimum • X-Clad Lightweight and ideal in situations where weight restrictions prevent use of traditional construction • Improve appearance of building • Solve common problems associated with old buildings such as condensation and damp penetration • Robust and extremely low maintenance, with a life expectancy of at least 25 years • Suitable for both on and off site installation • P-Clad is approved for installation on buildings over 18m high


All of Eurobrick’s brick slip cladding systems have been independently tested and have third party certification from the British Board of Agrément (BBA). Eurobrick provides a 25-year materials guarantee. Eurobrick Systems Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 accredited company.

For more information please visit Eurobrick’s website or contact Eurobrick as their experienced team is always happy to answer any queries by telephone or email.

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