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Mica Insulated Heaters

Mica Insulated Heaters

Elmatic manufacture a large range of Mica heaters including mica bands, Mica nozzles, Mica Plates, Mica Discs, Mica Boxes, Mica 'U' Shapes, conical shapes, Mica Strips and many other shapes to our customers own requirements. The construction of a mica heater has long been recognised for it reliability and economy and continues to be one of the most popular contact heating elements. Elmatic use the best quality mica available, ensuring high dielectric strength and maximum heat transfer. Our specially treated sheath materials resist oxidation and enhance thermal conductivity.

All heaters are wound to computer designed specifications for superior heat uniformity. Full width, low expansion clamp bands are available for improved clamping allowing better heat transfer.

A variety of 'types of terminations' are available including standard glass fibre leads, armour braided cable, conduit, terminal boxes of all sizes, 2 pin and 3 pin European plugs and sockets. Thermocouple holes and slots need to be specified. Our own design metal clad insulation jackets are available upon request.

Technical Specification Sheath Material S/S 304 & Nickel Plated Steel

Insulation Material Mica

Windings NiCr

Standard Wall Thickness 3.8mm - Larger if required.

Termination Threaded Terminals with Terminal Box

Ceramic Block

Ceramic Block with Terminal Box

Low Profile Box with leads

Armour Braided Leads

Flexible Metallic Conduit

Glass Fibre Leads (double insulated)

2Pin or 3Pin European plugs & Sockets

Voltage Supply Any voltage up to a maximum of 480V
Maximum Watts Density - 25 watts sq./inch
Maximum Temperature 300 °C
Resistance Tolerance +10% - 5%
Wattage Tolerance +5% - 10%
Minimum Diameter 25mm ( 1")
Minimum Width 19mm ( ¾")

Elmatic was formed in 1949 by two partners, Cyril Hodges and Franz Skalitzky and today the company is still privately owned by their two sons, Alun Hodges and John Skalitzky.

Since 1949 the company has grown steadily, both in terms of turnover and factory size. Today the company employs approximately 160 people and is sited at Cardiff in South Wales in a superbly equipped 45,000 sq. ft. factory.

Elmatic is the largest privately owned heating element manufacturer in the UK and our links with the plastics and rubber industries are second to none. We are the major suppliers to many of the leading OEM's both in the UK and Europe and these close contacts have been responsible for many developments and changes to the manufacturing methods and product performance.

We also specialise in manufacturing for a large variety of Engineering Projects for the Packaging, Pharmaceutical and Catering Industries to name but a few.

The commitment to the future at Elmatic is unparalleled - the very latest CAD/CAM technology and constant improvements in plant and techniques are always being applied to more products, resulting in improved quality and shorter lead times. Our self sufficiency in manufacturing almost all of the components we use serve to create a controllable and responsive customer service. Our commitment to quality is total and all our systems comply with BS EN ISO 9001-9002.

At our head office in Cardiff our experienced Technical Staff are readily available to assist and advise on the most suitable type of heater for any particular application, or should you wish a representative of Elmatic to visit you at your factory or premises to discuss any heater requirements that you may have, you can call one of our representatives at any time.

Our deliveries depend on the type of product that you require. Mica Insulated Heaters are available in 7-10 working days. In addition to this, Elmatic do offer additional emergency services for customers who are in a breakdown situation. This includes a 48hr services on Mica, Cartridge and Ceramic Knuckle Heaters and a 7 day service o

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