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DeltaRail combines railway knowledge excellence with software and technology to deliver value for its customers. Innovative and cost-effective solutions answer the challenge of maximising availability, reliability and capacity on operations, on track and on train.

On operations

We address the competing pressures and demands of the railway network, providing innovative software tools for signalling control, timetabling, staff rostering, economic planning and business performance. Because we understand how one aspect of railway operation can impact on another, we are able to provide the analytical tools to help our customers to get to grips with the impact of change.

DeltaRail signalling control systems are used extensively in the UK. We supply and maintain the IECC which is integral to many of Network Rail's major signalling centres, providing the intelligence needed to make informed decisions and respond rapidly to what is happening on the ground. 60% of UK main line train services are controlled by our systems for some part of their journey.

On track

Our skills, captured in DeltaRail software and technology, focus on vehicle rail interaction, life cycle analysis and optimising the design of infrastructure. We help customers to be proactive with maintenance decisions to reduce risk, improve availability and cut costs. This enables them to target maintenance where it is most needed, reducing risk and preventing service interruption.

DeltaRail's TracklineTwo technology and software accurately monitor track geometry and degradation both on service and dedicated measurement trains. Our modern simulation tools such as Vampire are increasingly important for evaluating interactions at the wheel/rail interface, enabling aspects of vehicle behaviour to be examined that could not be efficiently done in any other way. By understanding how key components of the railway network perform and degrade under realistic operational scenarios we can reduce risk and optimise system performance.

On train

DeltaRail's integrated maintenance management solutions ensure maximum gains in fleet efficiency, productivity and availability. Our sophisticated condition monitoring systems and fleet management software optimise maintenance and inspection schedules to improve safety and reliability. These systems integrate with your own maintenance software or with XV, DeltaRail's maintenance management software, delivering significant savings in maintenance and operational costs.

We provide customised design services for all types of rolling stock, ensuring that the final design is well conceived, achievable and cost effective, whilst also complying with regulatory standards. DeltaRail has the industrial design skills and expertise to deliver a turnkey design service to enhance passenger rolling stock.


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