Highly Recommend

Highly Recommend

After being forced into a situation on a Friday where our usual suppliers let us down with items we paid for showing in stock ( a lot more to this ) but over 3 weeks later still no products but fruitless promises. I was forced to look elsewhere as this was seriously affecting our business ( now I know never to rely on 1 supplier ) I then found CJK. A quick call was made and the lady on the phone knew what items and more importantly the quantity of stock that was available. This was a lifesaver. I had read the current delivery details and had seen 3-5 days which is reasonable in the current situation. I asked the lady if I could pay for faster shipping as I was now very desperate and in fact, had to make refunds to customers. The lady explained I needed to order online and to place a note to the order. To be honest I was relieved to have found a supplier and know my stock was available for dispatch. I didn’t hold much hope of my message being read as I’d done this with my previous supplier above with NO notes ever being replied to or acted on. Imagine my surprise when later that day I received a shipping confirmation in my email and also confirmation from the courier saying my items would arrive on Monday. Well now treble that surprise because in fact the items were delivered the next day Saturday. I know CJK can’t be expected to do this every time but the fact they read my note and acted on it, speak major volumes of their respect of customers and true professionalism. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Andrew Pritchard – Pinnacle Grooming

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