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What’s in a Font Type? Establishing Your Business Branding

A business is built up by a dozen smaller factors that contribute to its success and growth. From the lowest employee to the highest CEO, each office, department, or business practice adds a portion to the business’ rise in the market.

A brand’s identity is built by a myriad of promotional materials. The most common symbol for a brand is a company’s logo, but it doesn’t stop there. From customer interaction to social media posts, the creative industry has developed a business brand to be more than just a logo.

How does font affect brand identity?

What older business owners need to adapt to is to recognise the relevance of the creative department in their practices. Investing in how a company is seen concerning promotions and strategic ad placements is just as important as securing investors or plotting the company’s 5-year business plan.

Something as simple as a brand’s font type can say a lot about a company and what it wants to deliver. How a company presents its custom nameplates from elegantly professional to quirky and personalised, is a contributing factor to how unique and memorable a brand is to a client.

Developing visual engagement

Tried and tested brands have made it their main selling point when it comes to highlighting their services. Their testament to decades of service is what marks them as a top dog in the industry, but old dogs aren’t used to learning new tricks. Companies that rely solely on their history and tradition are falling behind the advancement of today when it comes to marketing models and business practices which newer companies have an easier time implementing.

Popular trends for 2019

Depending on the information that you wish to convey, different font styles are proven to be more effective compared to others. A company’s openness to move past its tried and tested traditional public image can show how much they can adapt to today’s times when it comes to optimising how they disseminate their information.

Serif. It is usually seen on news websites as a bold emphasis or a headline. Serifs are known for their thick letters with soft accents that make for an eye-catching and easily readable text.

Layering. When it comes to design, text and visual are often considered as two separate components. More contemporary designs incorporate the use of layered text by having images interact with the text, working as a layer mask or as an overlay. Dissolving the blur between lettering and visual shows a mastery of the brand’s identity and excellence in graphic design.

“Old” effects. If you’ve ever used WordArt for your presentations, then you know what we’re talking about. Though to some, it might invoke cringe-worthy reactions, it’s all a matter of execution and self-awareness. Crazy effects such as rainbow gradients and even heavily embossed or shadowed text might be the right amount of odd for your brand.

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