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Give Away Free Shirts for Advertising and Let Everyone Know About It

Choosing shirts as promotional merchandise is a good idea. You are giving something that people will most likely wear. If the shirts bear the name and logo of your brand, many people can see them. You do not necessarily convince those people to buy your products, but you at least make them aware that your company exists. If previous customers who are not buying your products anymore see the shirts, they might also give your products another look.
Although distributing shirts as promotional merchandise is already a great advertising strategy, you can take things to another level. You can let everyone know about it through social media. You can post a photo of the final shirt design. You can even have real people wearing the shirts while enjoying your products.
Let everyone know that they have a chance of getting something for free, and what they can do to get it. For instance, you can launch a competition where the winner receives a shirt. Since t-shirts are not too expensive, you need to create a contest which is appropriate for the prize winners will receive in the end.
You can have a photography competition if you have lots of budding photographers as potential customers. You can also have a writing competition which focuses on a theme related to the product that you are selling. People need to exert a bit of effort to win the shirt without the need to spend a lot of money and time doing so.
The idea of having a competition also gives winners the chance to become popular. They might not even be after the shirt, but the fame that comes with winning.

Make announcements
You will capture people’s attention when you tell them that you are giving free shirts. You can also take this opportunity to announce other information they might be interested in. You can post an ad about an upcoming deal or promotion.
You can also tell them that you are attending major events or trade shows where you will continue distributing the shirts. Maximise the chances to engage with your target customers while their eyes are still on you. In the world of social media, everything moves rapidly. You need to make the most of every advertising opportunity possible.
Explain the shirt
You can come up with a fantastic shirt design that also has meaning. Once you finish the design, you can ask a garment printing company to print it on your chosen shirts. You can post online about the inspiration behind the shirt design and why you chose specific colours. Find advocacy related to what you are selling or anything informative that people will find useful. Everyone needs to know that you are not handing out shirts only for advertising purposes, but because you want to educate.
Be smart in using this promotional merchandise since you will be investing quite a lot of money to give it to your target and current customers.
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