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What Challenges Will Online Ticket Vendors Face in 2019?

Thanks to digital technology and self-serving platforms, online ticket sales now represent a massive retail sector within the United Kingdom. However, such meteoric growth is always associated with a number of unique challenges. Competition is on the rise and not all businesses will succeed. This is even more of a concern for smaller organisations, as they are forced to adapt to an industry that is constantly evolving. Let us look at why targeting the correct demographic is important before moving on to discuss how cloud-based e-commerce software can help. 
Encountering the Proper Tickets to Sell 
Many experts firmly believe that the single and most important hurdle associated with online ticket sales involves targeting the correct demographic. Not only will this depend upon the audience in question, but it also revolves around geographic location. For example, it makes little sense for an enterprise-level firm to compete with London West End vendors that have been in existence for decades. 
Identifying the most popular event tickets can prove to represent a complicated and time-consuming process. It requires a significant amount of insight as well as the adoption of the latest online software. Some of the variables that should be accounted for include: 
  • The price of the tickets themselves.
  • The buying habits of customers.
  • Which shows or events proved to be the most popular in the past.
  • The times of the year associated with the highest revenue generation.
Understanding the impact of these metrics will allow vendors to sell tickets online with a greater degree of efficiency. As a result, any generated revenue can be funnelled back into other major concerns such as event promotions and social media advertisements.  
Selling tickets within the digital community is actually much more difficult than it may initially appear. Exposure is a very real concern. The ability to be listed within massive online directories represents one measure of success; these portals are excellent ways to gain a larger following. However, the user interface (UI) is just as important. Even tickets associated with rock-bottom prices will be passed by if the purchasing process is obtuse and outdated. 
Multinational e-commerce platforms such as Shopify fully appreciate the challenges which face modern ticket vendors. This is why they have developed turnkey software solutions designed around the needs of the business in question. Not only are the interfaces quite intuitive, but they can be easily integrated into existing CRM architecture. 24/7 customer support, blazing-fast servers and secure payment gateways round out the malleability associated with these unique solutions. All of these tools will likewise allow an online ticket vendor to receive the necessary virtual exposure. 
Selling tickets online can represent a very lucrative business opportunity and yet, a number of challenges will need to be faced in 2019 and beyond. Identifying these potential pitfalls and adopting the most efficacious e-commerce solutions are two excellent ways to take advantage of what can only be called a white-hot retail sector.
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