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Top 10 Tips For Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media is an invaluable tool for marketing your business directly to customers. But are you getting the most out of your efforts? Social media marketing should improve your sales and lead generation, boost customer engagement, build your brand reputation and much more. These top 10 tips could make your social media strategy more effective.

1. Use Visual Content – Visual content, especially videos, are far more likely to be shared on social media platforms than written content. Whether you’re creating your own or using curated content it will give your marketing a boost.

2. Create a Plan – Sometimes social media can fall to the wayside when the business is busy, drawing up a social media plan, which could include how often you’ll post, goals, tone of voice, and content type, ensures you can consistently use the platforms and build it into your daily routine.

3. Use Hashtags – Have a look at trending hashtags and if there are any relevant to you make sure you use them to gain exposure. You can create your own hashtags to support certain campaigns but make sure they’re easy to read and remember.

4. Share Quality Content – It’s more important to share quality content rather than post lots of updates. Your content should be relevant to your audience and be helpful or entertaining, posting irrelevant content is a sure fire way to turn your followers off.

5. Join the Conversation – Don’t just post updates but join in conversations too. It’ll help raise awareness of your brand, expose you to potential customers and give you an opportunity to show off your knowledge and expertise.

6. Get the Whole Business Involved – While the marketing strategy might be the preserve of just a few of your team, encourage your whole business to get behind your social media by sharing content you post and adding their own voice to the conversation.

7. Use a Management Tool – Using one of the many available management tools not only allows you to schedule content but means you can track, monitor and measure how each of your posts are doing.

8. Analyse to Improve – Make sure you analyse your past posts to see which ones your audience responded to the most. Through assessing your content, you can improve your strategy going forward.

9. Watch Your Competitors – If one of your competitors has a great social media following you can learn from them and improve on their strategy. Have a look at the type of content they share, when they post and who they are following to get some new ideas to incorporate into your strategy.

10. Consider Social Media Advertising – Advertising on social media platforms does mean paying out but it can boost your sales in return and allow you to catch the attention of those in your target market.

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